Turlock Golf and Country Club

‚ÄčA bunker renovation at The Santaluz Club covering all 18 holes is displayed in these photos. Old sand was removed and replaced with new wedge white sand. We returned to The Santaluz Club in May to fix some of the cart paths and to fix the fairway drainage on hole 4. We used a new machine called The Turf Stripper and it made the job much easier. New drain pipe was laid throughout the entire area and then covered with USGA sand and sod.

"Recommending Candyl for any golf course construction job is an easy decision...If you are looking for a company to complete the job the way that you would expect it to be completed, Candyl Golf Group should be your choice."-Jeff Miller (Golf Course Superintendent, The Santaluz Club)

An old, dilapidated bridge was renovated for safety reasons and so that the stone would match the stonework on the country club. Here are pictures before, during, and the finished product with the stone on the face of the bridge. The bridge was also previously flat and aesthetically changed to compliment the golf course.

‚ÄčAnother bunker renovation we worked on was at El Caballero Country Club. Before the new sand is placed in the bunkers, we are laying a liner called Sand Trapper that helps prevent contamination from the native soil in the bunkers. The bunkers with darker sand are before pictures and the crisp white sand is the new sand that replaced the old sand.

Current and Previous Projects

Ironwood Country Club

This is a bunker renovation at Palm Valley Country Club. Some bunkers needed to be put back to their original shape; whether that be adding to the perimeter or taking away some of the perimeter. New sand was added to each bunker once the old was removed and fresh sod was laid around the edges of the bunkers that were reshaped.

El Caballero Country Club

The Santaluz Club

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Our most recent bunker project was at the magnificent course in La Quinta, CA called The Hideaway. The Hideaway is a private course with two 18 hole courses. We had the privilege of working on the Clive Clark course. The Hideaway uses Augusta White sand. This is the whitest sand available in the golf industry. The sand hasn't been replaced for 16 years. But every two years they would add two inches of new sand. Therefore the sand was still in pretty good condition but was slowly raising the floors and changing the shape with the addition of sand. We renovated 207,000 sq. ft. of bunkers and had an incredible time working with the staff and working on this stunning course.

The Hideaway

Palm Valley Country Club

This bunker renovation took us a little further north to central California. The beautiful course is Turlock Golf and Country Club. We renovated all bunkers on the 18 hole course. Each bunker needed new drainage and sumps as well as new liner. We set the sumps on the outside of the bunkers which is not something we typically do, but with all the rain fall this course receives it was a smart alternative so they have easy access in case of flooding. We used Sandtrapper II for the liner. Once new drainage and liner was in place new sand was added. There were a couple of bunkers that needed reshaping and one bunker on hole 18 was built completely from scratch.

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